I could only call myself fuggy today, fuggy head and legs to match.  Picks were slow and a little erratic, walk preparation frustratingly incomplete so I decided more walks with less dogs was the way to go.

The first walk was a muddle of leads, leads not finding the loop of collars and non existent sits, or at least the start of the first walk.

So I stopped.

Took a breath and just looked at them.  The fug must’ve been swirling around thick in the air so we waited.  Ember, already oversensitive was dancing about, looking around and waiting to over react to any stimulus.

Feeling a little more together we walked.  The rhythm soon took over, the fug slowly started to lift.  The guys and gals enjoying the movement, the smells and the freedom.  Our first challenge was less than perfect with slow, barely there sits whilst the lady and her lab passed by.

Off we set again.  My mind was still and clear, my walk felt good and the sounds of the birds started to filter through.  On this particular walk I listen for the song thrush, he trills a dog whistle three times.  I listen for that wonderful whistle and wonder how many times the bird heard it before he recreated it so beautifully.

I hear the scratting from Truffle as she marks where she has been to whomever cares to notice.

We finally walk together.  It has taken me far too long.  You can’t walk or work with animals well without a calm focussed yet almost empty mind ( Why do I hear funny comments in my mind at that statement?!).  I am sure they feel your fog, noise, the busyness.

The following walks were wonderful, a mixture of enjoying the company of the dogs and enjoying all we see.  Hugo was not suited at the litter pickers though everyone else enjoyed the smells that came from the disturbed land and grass.  Elsie and Winnie were more interested with the flour marks on the cycle track, like a unexpected picnic laid out just for the girls.

As Storm Doris builds up I think of the Doris( or as I knew her Dowis) I knew and loved.  She would have loved having a storm named after her. Enough time has passed  that you can enjoy those you’ve walked before and lost, thinking of the passing years and the ‘people’ you have shared your time with.

Next time you are out walking, enjoy a still mind and the inevitable view of your dog’s glorious bum!


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