When a game becomes more than a game

A simple game of ‘Find It’ changed my day today.

With the sun shining down on us, we set off walking.  Rez and Phoebe, Lola and Tilly pairing up ready to race whilst Elsie and Sirus were the game crashers!  In and out of the trees they ran as I took photos and laughed at their usual antics.  A few waits and sits before setting off like bullets to a target matching each others speed to the race felt real.

Soon we came upon the nasty stream that has an awful grey tinge so out came the prey dummy ( a flamboyant slightly stinky pencil case) and we played our find it game.  The stream was ignored and they were all high on the scent games, competing with each other to find the prey dummy first.

Back into my pocket they resumed their pairings once again, a wonderful dance of two dogs then two pairs to make four then back to twos and then when the track narrowed they became a troupe of six.  The puggles solicited a game of scent again, ever desperate for a food hit whilst Rez, Phoebe, Sirus and Elsie wanted the racetrack.  As I set up the scent game I set the foursome off on a racetrack run ( a dead straight track run where they run to a point only they seem to see and without a word they turn and race back to me) and soon the foursome joined the puggles once again.

Posing was now in order and what posers they are, Elsie surprised me with a faultless feet up pose and the photographs showed just how happy they are posing.

The time had come for the little people to come out and a more sedate but no less attentive walk soon became a interactive love fest.  They love to sniff, love to wee and love to make me laugh.  Hugo doing his ‘not moving am staying put nobody loves me nobody cares’ waiting for me to ask ‘ uh oh wheres Hugo?  Who has seen Hugo?’ at which point he runs as fast as his puggy legs will carry him and I swear I can see a glint in that cheeky lads face!

Oscar is on wind up duties whilst Lolly and Harvey compete.  A new game to them if Harvey sniffs Lolly sniffs the spot harder and longer, if Lolly goes to look at something in the trees off Harvey goes standing by her side.  Molly was happy to mooch at her own speed, there but not mixing much today enjoying her time without Elsie housemate supervising.  Tallulah was Nanny side kick I think the only one to smell the prey dummy in my pocket, not risking missing the game.

Once again a game of find, a pose or three and a few treats freely given for tucking in whilst people passed.

What I hadn’t noticed on the last tuck in was I had dropped my phone.  My beloved phone with much of my working life neatly stored and organised on, yes I had copies but my phone!

Once everyone settled I set off again, searching in vain for a plain black phone.  I tried to remember when I last used it realising I hadn’t had the reminder for Lolly’s lunchtime tablet and retraced my steps in vain.  With my recovering body starting to tire I decided I should have used our game, Find It!

Needless to say they weren’t reluctant to head back out and although a little bemused they happily wandered about until I said find it.  Now if I am playing ‘ UH OH Nanny has lost her keys!’ they look for my keys and I had never thought to put a word or request to find my phone so I just hoped they would come across my scent on my phone ( lets face it its often in my hands).

Well after passing the same point three times and looking hard the guys and gals proved to me that a simple, beloved game of Find it is an invaluable tool.  They had found the phone standing on its thinnest edge in the brambles and they were as proud as punch….

Utterly relieved and delighted I realised I hadn’t brought the treats!

Nanny Fail.

With lots of  whoops, play and praise we rushed back and had a mini buffet at the van. Note to self, never underestimate our wonderful dogs, make sure you put your phone in your deepest pocket and never leave the van without treats!

Happy walking….




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